Exciting New Client in Atlanta

So we have an exciting new client who is expanding very quickly across the US and wanted to share a bit of the work that we’ve done for them. We’ve worked on their website and also getting their business more exposure. One of the ways we’ve provided them with more exposure is through a press release announcing their newest location in Atlanta, GA that had the story picked up on CBS8! Like I said, they’re expanding very quickly. Their last expansion was from denver and now entering the Atlanta market.

Atlanta is a great market for piano movers considering that there is so much great music that has come out of Atlanta. I think it’s considered where hip hop was founded and where gospel music has thrived. To celebrate their expansion, they’re giving away 10% of their profits in the first month in Janurary to a local music charity. Seriously, they are awesome. If you do need a piano moving services in Atlanta, give these guys a call. If you’re looking for great piano movers in Atlanta GA, these guys are the best and not because they’re our client!