Glasseye are a group of creative and technical experts. We use our unique group of skill sets to design, create and deliver digital solutions to the highest standards. Glasseye offer you a team of creatives who can help to convert your business problems into positive digital tools or products. With our wide range of expertise we are ideal for offering you the best solutions, whether it be a new logo design to launch your company forward and reach new heights with an enhanced brand identity, or a fully integrated online marketing site with data capture, email marketing, newsletters, and content management systems.

Maybe you are looking to create a new website, or an online brochure, or want help creating email marketing, to reach a larger client base, whilst avoiding the perils of spam marketing. Perhaps you want to make an interactive video brochure allowing your customers to see your products benefits, engaging them in an experience that we help you create and implement. Do you need training videos for your organisation – have you heard of the benefits of using DVD multi-angle videos for this purpose. We will consult with you and listen to your needs, and then offer the best possible solutions within the realms of digital media. You are probably sitting on existing material right now, that once transformed, could open up whole new streams of revenue for you. Our business is making the most of your business. Let us offer you some ideas that could make a world of difference to your business.

With our experience in creating, editing and encoding video, we can help you to create content that will engage your audience whatever your business is. We always create bespoke applications that realise a solution to its fullest potential. Many companies will sell you a template for the same cost or less from a more creative and individual solution from our experts. Even when clients ask us to template for them to reduce costs, we always put that extra effort to make sure that the project is designed and implemented to its highest potential.